10 Things You Should Never Do to Lead a Child in Salvation

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By Roger Fields

1. Tell him that he will never see his dead dog again unless he accepts Jesus and sees him in Heaven.

2. Tell him that there are no Legos in Hell.

3. Show a video about dying in a car accident and facing God.

4. Tell her that she doesn’t want to die without God like (use name of any of her dead relatives) did.

5. Turn off the AC and loudly preach about hell.

6. Show kids a picture of a naked baby angel sitting on a cloud playing a harp and ask, “Don’t you wanna do that someday?”

7. Turn the lights down low, play soft music, ask kids to kneel down front and refuse to stop until the desired number of kids responds. Continue as long as it takes.

8. Get their friends to pressure them into accepting Jesus.

9. Tell the kids the story about the barn that burned down with the mother chicken giving her life by covering her baby chicks. Tell them Jesus gave His life for us like that. Nothing brings tears like a burnt mother chicken.

10. Lead a kid to Jesus, baptize her and THEN tell the parent what happened. Be prepared to meet Jesus. The parent will kill you.

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