Men don’t like church. Some will attend church, tolerate church and show up periodically. But they don’t much like it. There are reasons. Here’s what you can do to fix that.

Help men enjoy church

  1. Make services tight. Never drag anything out that can be done in less time. Long is not always more spiritual. Men are not wired to sit for long periods of time.
  2. Let men dress down, way down. Make it clear that men can wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, caps, etc. Do this by putting men in visible positions dressed very casually. Jesus doesn’t love someone less because they wear a hat in your sanctuary.
  3. Get rid of floral decor. Just throw it out. Paint over it. Burn it. Just do it quickly.
  4. Pray man prayers. Not every prayer should be about keeping us safe. Pray something bold. The early church did that.
  5. Give men something significant to do. Men are doers, not sitters. Find stuff for them to do related to ministry. Anything meaningful, even if there is a risk they will mess it up.
  6. Do some tailgating before services. Let men show off their grilling skills.
  7. Periodically applaud some macho achievement by a man in your church. Examples: George Smith caught a 10 lb bass last weekend, Harry Adams rode his motorcycle to the Grand Canyon, etc.
  8. Celebrate like crazy when/if any local sports team wins anything.
  9. Hold a special event men would enjoy. Oh, I don’t know…like maybe…Dad Blitz.
  10. Address men directly with hard hitting words of encouragement. Not every statement you make from the pulpit has to be softened. Shoot straight. Men appreciate that.

Roger Fields
Creator of Kidz Blitz, Fam Blitz and Dad Blitz