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Kidz Blitz Ministries is a non-profit organization that conducts high-energy christian events for family ministry and children’s ministry for churches in over 40 denominations across America. We also produce non-traditional children’s/family resources for churches.

Top 20 Children’s Ministry Names

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We chose these names based on... creativity appeal brevity If you know children's ministry name you think should be on this list then please share in the comments. J*A*M* (Jesus and Me) Steppin’ Stone N2Y (never too young) J~walkers Power surge Builders & Trailblazers Pathfinders Swag (saved with amazing grace) Ground breakers Explosion Promiseland [...]

Not All That Spiritual

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MEDIA KIT Roger Fields is president of Blitz Ministries and author of the books Breaking the Hex and Jumping the Track as well as various articles for leading ministry magazines. When he isn't on the road with Blitz live events, he runs a charming Kentucky wedding [...]

More than fun and games

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This heart felt open letter to a critic, or should we say Fritic (Friend-critic), from Roger Fields has gone viral and I am sure you'll see why. We can only hope that other critics will think twice before typing in that comment line. Roger took to heart the idea that anyone could mistake Kidz [...]

Kidmin Dictionary

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It has come to our attention that Children’s Pastors see the world a little differently than most others. This handy reference guide will help bridge the language gap that so often divides them from the rest of society. We recommend this guide be kept for ready reference at all staff and board meetings so [...]

You may be a conference junkie if…

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You Might Have Attended Too Many Conferences If You ... 1. Pass out a daily itinerary to your family 2. Insist on your spouse handing you an outline before you have a conversation 3. Make your kids wear name tags 4. Often introduce yourself to your family at dinner to those sitting around the [...]

7 Ways to Keep Your Ministry in Focus

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1. Remember, it’s not about what you do for God but about what He did for you through Jesus. You need God more than He needs you. 2. Accept God’s unconditional love for you and the kids/adults receiving ministry under you. God is love. 3. Pass on the grace you receive from God [...]

Give Your Children’s Pastor a Cupcake Day

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What would we do without the people who invest in our kids' lives? Let's show 'em some love April 23rd on Give Your Children's Pastor a Cupcake day.  Show them how much their investment means to you with a delicious, sugary dessert and icing perfection! Sunday, April 23rd (the Sunday after [...]