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Kidz Blitz Ministries is a non-profit organization that conducts high-energy christian events for family ministry and children’s ministry for churches in over 40 denominations across America. We also produce non-traditional children’s/family resources for churches.

The Most Dangerous Kidmin Phrases

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Yikes! Saying these kidmin phrases is downright dangerous and not in the fun, adventurous, risk-taker kind of way. Dangerous in the way that will bring your ministry to either a fast--or long and agonizing--halt kind of way. These are the most dangerous kidmin phrases. 1. We have never done it that way before. This [...]

Job Opening in Ohio for Children’s Pastor

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Wanted: Children's Minister The Grove Community Christian Church Baltimore, OH (just outside of Columbus) At Present: In November, 2015 we hired Casey Sollars as our Children’s Minister.  Casey was a student at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.  She came on part time, graduated in May 2016 and immediately moved to a full time roll.  [...]

How Many Church Staff Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

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How Many Church Staff Members Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? LEAD PASTOR: 0 He never does anything himself. ASSOCIATE PASTOR: unknown "Huh. What bulb?" STUDENT PASTOR: 22 1 to screw in the bulb and 21 student leaders to explain to the irate parents why the lights went out during the [...]

The Few

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The Few So you quit children's ministry... Say what you want about being a children’s pastor. The fact is this: you are in an ELITE GROUP. There are few who would ever attempt what you do. Very few. You prepare weekly Bible content that reaches kids. You recruit, train and motivate a team [...]

Kidmin Acronyms

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New Kidmin Acronyms Does your kidmin team know these new acronyms? MVDSUA: My Volunteers Didn’t Show Up Again. "Ugh. Another MVDSUA Sunday." INABB: I Need A Bigger Budget. "Dear Pastor, INABB." WITKTTSR: Where Is The Key To The Supply Room? “Fred, WITKTTSR?" IBCOY: Is Big Church Out Yet? "Hey, Betty! IBCOY?" PKOTL:  Pastor’s Kid On [...]

6 Pitfalls Every New Children’s Pastor Should Avoid

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6 Pitfalls Every New Children’s Pastor Should Avoid Be careful, new children’s pastor, where you step. There are potholes and pitfalls out there. Here are some. Don’t make any changes too fast. That will make the people around you insecure. Build relationships first. Don’t make high-impact decisions without listening to the input of others [...]

How I Got Swept Into Children’s Ministry

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How I Got Swept Into Children's Ministry My background was in adult ministry. That's the ministry where people don't vomit during your message and they go pee without raising their hands. After pastoring two churches I took a sweet gig as an associate pastor in Florida. It was a cushy job without much [...]

Roger’s 7 Personal Rules

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BREAKING THE HEX New book by Roger Fields and Jeff Fields Discover how the cross KILLED religion and set you free to enjoy God Buy on Amazon Roger's 7 Personal Rules By Roger Fields My rules and I'm stickin' to 'em. I rely on what Jesus did for [...]