Blind Bag

Blitz Games: Blind Bag

You will need:

  • 2 large lawn bags

  • 20-40 miscellaneous items

How to win:

identify the most items in your bag while blind-folded

How to play:

Put miscellaneous items in the large lawn bags, about 20 items in each bag. Some of the items can be duplicates of an item in the other bag and some of the items should be found in only one of the bags.

Blindfold two kids and give each one a bag. On “go” they reach into their bag and hold up an item quickly calling out what they think it is. The winner is the one who can correctly name the most items in 60 seconds.

Item suggestions:

toothbrush / soap / sponge / tennis ball / sock / rock / cup / apple / quarter / hat / glove / shoe / crayon / spoon / screw driver / dollar bill / banana / candy bar / napkin / eraser / piece of bubble gum / book / CD / cassette tape / magazine / and so on.

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