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Not All That Spiritual

MEDIA KIT Roger Fields is president of Blitz Ministries and author of the books Breaking the Hex and Jumping the Track as well as various articles [...]

The Day That Killed Religion

  It was a day like no other. The sky went dark. An earthquake shook the ground. Dead folks came out of their tombs and strolled around town. The massive temple veil was [...]


Many of us have tried a whack-a-mole approach to life. We spent our effort focused on tamping down sin. Anytime a sin would raise its ugly head--which is [...]

Have You Felt The Abba Effect?

My first thought when someone mentions God is often that of a cosmic ruler, someone evaluating my life while keeping the universe in motion. Not good. I have to remind myself that is not the image Jesus brought us. But it is my default setting.

18 Freedom Facts

Freedom is central to our redemption. Guard it. Protect it. If you lose your freedom in Christ, you begin to lose your joy in living and your love for the Lord. Freedom is a big deal. Not everyone will celebrate your freedom in Christ. Rest assured, freedom irritates a lot of Christians. But freedom is still worth it.

How Did Life Get So Tangled Up?

But aren’t we supposed to believe in ourselves? Isn’t that healthy? No, absolutely not. Mixing faith in Jesus with faith in yourself will get you tangled up. You get snarled every time.