We don’t trust our game creation strategies and secrets to just anyone. With a combined 36 years experience
this team is the untouchable, special forces of Blitz live events. With 2017 just around the corner, they’ve been VERY busy.

Meet our elite team of Blitz Game Testers.

Rainey, code name THE BEAST, is 11 years old and enjoys extreme sports, cheerleading and political debates. Actually debates of any kind. Or fights. Let’s be frank, this girl likes to argue. Rainey has the spunk, guts and brains to take on any competitor twice her size. Don’t mess with The Beast.

Dream: “to be a sky-dive instructor who delivers babies part-time in Paris, France.”
Favorite Blitz Game: “the ones that girls always win”
Favorite Food: “Mussles! But only if they’re covered in butter and I have a Shirley Temple to get rid of the after-taste.”
Best school subject: “Math. But I’m good at everything. I have straight A’s.”
Favorite color: “Seriously? Give me a better question.”

Quay, code name The Brain, is 13. “Could we do this without gravity?”, he often says. He is quick, shifty, and fits into small spaces so he’s often our go-to for testing tower games and stuffing kids into luggage. In his spare time, Quay is a youth MMA fighter and is no longer allowed to practice his choke holds on his fellow Blitz Game Testers.

Dream: “to oversee a space exploration team to Mars.”
Favorite Blitz Game: “the one I’m going to invent next week”
Favorite Food: “Tacos. I only like tacos. I’ll be taking tacos to Mars with me.”
Best school subject: “Science. But I wish I were graduating tomorrow.”
Favorite color: “That’s a girl question.”

Brooklyn, aka The Boss, is 6.75 years old and feisty! Hang her from the Blitz Game Cube? This girl will scale the top and slide down on her own. She’s little and fierce and never backs down from a messy Blitz challenge. The Boss don’t take nothin’ from no one!

Dream: “drive a big truck”
Favorite Blitz Game: “Donut Blitz! I love donuts! I like the chocolate ones and the powdery messy ones and sprinkle ones.”
Favorite Food: “cucumbers and mashed potatoes”
Best school subject: “Camden is my best friend.”
Favorite color: “Sparkles”

Caleb, aka The Bull, is 6 years old and brings the heat every time he’s in the game arena. No challenge too big or too gross, The Bull will go up against the big guys without blinking an eye. His favorite thing to say is “Is that all ya got?”

Dream: “rescue dolphins with my big sister”
Favorite Blitz Game: “Spinzoinga!”
Favorite Food: “Pizza with pineapple on it”
Best school subject: “I love to read books even if they don’t have pictures”
Favorite color: “Orange. The Tennessee kind of orange”


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