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Student Ministry Event! Blitz Party Live is America’s premier live event for student ministries all over the United States.

Blitz Party Live shows up and throws down an on-stage event for middle and high school students all about games, a dance party and Jesus’ love! It’s new and not like anything you’ve seen before! Nothing else like this.

It’s like a rave. But it’s not.
It’s like a game night. But it’s not.
It’s like a concert. But it’s not.

Blitz Party Live is a student ministry event we bring to (Your Church!) Wired for students, this event mixes a dance party with onstage challenges that keep the whole room moving/dancing/shouting/PARTYING. It’s the opposite of generic or boring!

Fused into the dance party atmosphere is a message that we are UNFORGOTTEN by a loving Father God who runs to us no matter how far away we’ve gotten. Never preachy, this event is non stop action! More about the message HERE.

Blitz Ministries events have been invited to churches all over America, in 40+ different denominations for 21 years. We come to serve you and to share the incredible good news of the gospel. More about Blitz Ministries other events.

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