TP Hike

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You will need: 2 hula hoops rolls of toilet paper (3 per team) masking tape 2 teams of 3 kids each How to win: pass the most toilet paper rolls through your hula hoop in 1 minute How to play: Designate a hiker, catcher and retriever for each team. [...]

Cheese Ball Face

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You will need: cheese balls shaving cream goggles 2 teams of 2 kids each How to win: be the team with the most cheese balls stuck to your face How to play: Give 1 teammate on each team a pair of goggles and tell them to [...]

Crumby Ping Pong

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You will need: table masking tape table tennis ball crackers 2 kids How to win: blow the table tennis ball past their opponent at the other end of the table How to play: Put a line of masking tape down the centre of the table dividing the table into two [...]

Balloon Master

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You will need: masking tape 60 balloons 2 teams of 5 each How to win: attach the most balloons to your teammate How to play: Choose 2 five-person teams. Give each team a roll of masking tape and 30 balloons. On “Go!” have members of each team roll [...]

SWAT Team Game

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We know what your kidmin needs: more free games! Well, we have free games for ya! Here is a free game and it's Blitz-approved. What does Blitz-approved mean? We put the free game through our Blitz criteria of "Is the game as much fun to watch as it is to play?" You [...]

How To Use Games To Impact Kids In 10 Easy Steps

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Let me just say first, I am a strong believer in healthy competition. In no particular order here are some tips for making games fun while keeping the competition in perspective: 1. Divide the room into two sides. Give each side a team name. For Kidz Blitz Live events, we call our teams Blue and Green. Dividing the room with a center aisle or rope down the middle is helpful/important/critical. Games just work better with a visible team divider.

Blindfold Race

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You will need: 3 grocery size paper bags 3 heavy men's gloves 3 pairs of socks 3 helmets 3 blindfolds 3 players How to win: be the fastest to put on all the items in your bag while blindfolded How to play: Before the game, prepare 3 [...]

Kid’s Ministry Game: Balloon Roulette

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Fun and exciting games are a great addition to your children's ministry program. Use this game as a "just for fun" activity at a weekend service, midweek service or upcoming event. It's perfect as an end of summer or back to school game. How to Win Do the challenges successfully. Variations Play the game with [...]