Parenting: It’s Going to be Interesting

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In this coarse world, parenting is seldom smooth. The difficulty level is somewhere between inventing the cure for cancer and solving the Mid-East conflict. There are parenting ideas that work most of the time. There are ideas that never work. Then there are ideas that work-- depending on what kid you are dealing with. But, rest assured, there is no cosmic secret to parenting that the rest of the world is keeping from you. We ALL struggle.

Allergic to Dissent

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There is one, hard-core trait that sets effective leaders apart from leader wannabes. It is this. Real leaders are not allergic to dissent. They are not thin-skinned. Real leaders can take it when someone presents valid disagreement. A true leader wants all the information, even when some of it is painful.

DIY Idea Room

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Make space for creativity. An idea room is a place for sharing ideas. It should be comfortable, functional and eclectic. It is part warehouse, part meeting room and part lounge. It should not cost much money. Go cheap. It should look like a warehouse with stuff thrown in. Nothing should match. Matching furniture is boring. Put in anything you like regardless of whether it “should” be there. Have fun.

My Ministry Game Changer

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Spiritual growth begins when people respond to what God is like. One of my spiritual heroes is Chuck Smith, the former lead pastor at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA. He made a statement that still has my gears turning over 30 years later.