Give Your Children’s Pastor a Cupcake Day

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What would we do without the people who invest in our kids' lives? Let's show 'em some love April 23rd on Give Your Children's Pastor a Cupcake day.  Show them how much their investment means to you with a delicious, sugary dessert and icing perfection! Sunday, April 23rd (the Sunday after [...]

The Day That Killed Religion

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  It was a day like no other. The sky went dark. An earthquake shook the ground. Dead folks came out of their tombs and strolled around town. The massive temple veil was ripped in half from top to bottom. It sounds like a sci-fi movie but it was real. It happened on [...]


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Many of us have tried a whack-a-mole approach to life. We spent our effort focused on tamping down sin. Anytime a sin would raise its ugly head--which is quite often--we would work to smash it back down below the surface.  The problem is that the whack-a-mole technique is [...]

Christmas From Both Ends

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CHRISTMAS FROM BOTH ENDS So who would you invite? Two polar opposite groups received an official invitation to check out the birth of Jesus: shepherds and wise men. But why them? Shepherds were the working class poor and social outcasts. Wise men were rich rulers, well-known [...]

Dirty Shepherds

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Shepherds had a dirty job. That’s because sheep are dirty. Therefore, so are the shepherds. Not only that, but shepherds had to live away from town, away from other people. Their job prevented them from attending religious services, social events or meetings. They weren’t respected or included. Their job made them virtual outcasts. [...]

10 Ways to Help Men Enjoy Church

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Men don't like church. Some will attend church, tolerate church and show up periodically. But they don't much like it. There are reasons. Here's what you can do to fix that. Make services tight. Never drag anything out that can be done in less time. Long is not always more spiritual. Men aren't wired to [...]

How to Make Your Event Flop in 3 Easy Steps

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Planning a big event can be challenging. But if you apply yourself you can easily wreck it. Here are the three best ways to insure your event is a big flop. Do everything yourself. Involving others only lightens the load and creates a buzz. Procrastinate. There is no reason to rush out there and get [...]

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