6 Pitfalls Every New Children’s Pastor Should Avoid

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6 Pitfalls Every New Children’s Pastor Should Avoid Be careful, new children’s pastor, where you step. There are potholes and pitfalls out there. Here are some. Don’t make any changes too fast. That will make the people around you insecure. Build relationships first. Don’t make high-impact decisions without listening to the input of others [...]

How I Got Swept Into Children’s Ministry

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How I Got Swept Into Children's Ministry My background was in adult ministry. That's the ministry where people don't vomit during your message and they go pee without raising their hands. But here is how I got into children's ministry. After pastoring two churches I took a sweet gig as an associate pastor [...]

Roger’s 7 Personal Rules

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BREAKING THE HEX New book by Roger Fields and Jeff Fields Discover how the cross KILLED religion and set you free to enjoy God Buy on Amazon Roger's 7 Personal Rules By Roger Fields My rules and I'm stickin' to 'em. I rely on what Jesus did for [...]

Why Children’s Ministry is Superior to All Other Ministries

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6 Reasons Why Children's Ministry is Superior to All Other Ministries That's right, Children's Ministry is superior! By that I mean better/higher/cooler than all other ministries in the church. Don't even think about disagreeing with this. Yes, I know all ministry is important. but you heard me correctly. I stand boldly and say, [...]


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What Grade Would You Give Jesus? Do you think  Jesus is doing a good job? on this rock I will BUILD MY CHURCH, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Matthew 16:18) Well, is He? He PROMISED to build His church. So how do you think He’s doing? What grade [...]

Atheism: I Got Questions

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Atheism: I Got Questions Well, atheism is a bit trendy now days. Lots of celebs joining in. Before you jump on this swanky bandwagon, ask a few questions. Maybe some like these. Is this magical, pixie dust, fairly tale explosion theory the best explanation atheists can give for the universe? Tell me again [...]