You may already be on the edge of burnout at this very minute. Steven Furtick says, “Joy is a focus before it’s a feeling.” The opposite of burn out is Joy. But since you might already be tipping on that precipice, let’s get right to the list and skip the sermon for now. Here are Roger Fields’ Top 10 Children’s Ministry Blunders.

1. Doing everything on your own instead of multiplying yourself.

2. Begging for volunteers instead of recruiting them. Read “Are You Begging for Volunteers?”

3. Being too afraid of the risk instead of trying new things. Read “Kidmin Unafraid”

4. Complaining about your church or ministry.

5. Not developing your organizational skills. Jim Wideman has excellent resources on this topic.

6. Relying on your own strength and abilities instead of Jesus.

7. Failing to be confident enough to ask for the resources you need. Don’t assume your leadership knows what you need. I hate to use the old cliche, a squeaky wheel gets the oil. Squeak away!

8. Taking your workers for granted. 

9. Focusing on teaching values rather than the Gospel. 

10. Allowing ministry to stop being fun. Children’s ministry has endless opportunities for fun. If you aren’t having fun anymore, get back to a place of creativity for your workers and the kids.