3 Ways Children's Ministry Rewires a Kid's Heart
The point of ministry, all ministry, is not merely to do good but to do eternal.

It is about rewiring the human heart.

And children’s ministry can play a powerful role.

Children’s Pastors and Children’s Ministry Workers, kids need you.

Whether or not they are being raised by parents of faith, they need you.

They need your encouragement. They need your attention.

Kids need more than Bible stories, church programs and teaching videos.

They need spiritual rewiring that can only come through the power of Jesus.

Even with the few hours per year you get them, you can be God’s agent to bring that into reality.

Here are some ways Jesus will work through you to rewire a kid’s heart.

1. Rewiring Personal Value.

Boys grow up believing their value is linked to their accomplishments.

Girls grow up believing their value is linked to their appearance.

Jesus will rewire them to know they are infinitely valued by their Father in Heaven.

2. Rewiring a Sense of Love.

Kids grow up believing love is conditional. They think they have to earn love.

Jesus will rewire them to be able to receive God’s perfect love that casts away fear.

3. Rewiring a Capacity to Trust.

Kids experience rejection at an early age.

They know what it means to live out broken relationships.

Parents break up. Neighborhood playmates move away. Siblings make fun of them. Schoolmates reject them.

Jesus will rewire them to trust in His faithfulness.

Nothing like a little VLT (value, love, trust) rewiring to set a kid in the right, eternal direction.

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