Christmas Fortress

Blitz Games: Christmas Fortress

You will need:

  • a prize of any kind (candy bar, novelty item, etc.)
  • wrapping paper
  • gift boxes of various sizes
  • duct tape
  • oven mitts or large snow mittens
  • goggles
  • hat
  • dice

How to win:

be the first to open the gift and get the prize

How to play:

Ahead of game time, place the prize in the box and wrap it. Be sure to make the gift hard to open using lots of duct tape and even wrapping it in a succession of small boxes if you have them. Place the gift on a table at the front of the room and place the mitts, goggles and hat next to the gift.

Choose a team of kids to come up front, or depending on the size of your group, allow all the kids to play. Choose one number from the die and announce that every time someone rolls that number they can run up to the front, put on the gear, and attempt to unwrap the present. Meanwhile the rest of the group continues to try to roll the chosen number one at a time.
The person at the table has until the next time the chosen number is rolled to work at getting the present unwrapped. Then the new kid can quickly take over the gear and attempt to unwrap the present. This continues until someone manages to get the gift open.

The one who finally opens the gift gets to keep the prize!

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