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When we are coming to your area?

roger fields

Roger Fields,
Prez of Blitz Ministries
Editor of Cold Water Cafe

Cold Water Cafe

Rock the Jungle!
Go to Belize
with Kidz Blitz

Join David & Karen Rhodes (Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus) & Roger Fields (Kidz Blitz) in May 2018 for an epic mission trip to Belize!

  • 6 evangelistic school events
  • 3 evangelistic community events
  • see first hand how Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus is impacting an entire region
  • stay in a jungle retreat
  • spend one day on a remote island adjacent to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world
david and karen rhodes

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Kidz Blitz @kidzblitz
Go to the Cold Water Cafe to see what Blitz selected as the Top 20 coolest names to call your children's...
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Kidz Blitz @kidzblitz
Find out where and when to see us LIVE!
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Where in the world is Kidz Blitz Live?
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NEW BOOK by Roger Fields

Breaking the Hex

This book will free your mind, heart and spirit. (Mindi Thor)

NOW on Amazon

by Roger Fields & Jeff Fields


Roger & Jeff Interviewed on WLEX


What if we Christians are living under a hex and do not even realize it? What if the crucifixion of Jesus Christ changed life far more than we realize? What if we have completely misunderstood what it is to “live the Christian life?” What if doing life with God is far simpler than we have imagined? Breaking the Hex, by brothers Roger Fields and Jeff Fields, is not a “how-to” book. It is a “what-happened” book. It is written in a style that is easy-to-read and often humorous. Using short, rapid-fire chapters, the Fields brothers describe life with God on THIS SIDE OF THE CROSS without the pressure of religious obligation. With the book of Galatians as the backdrop, Roger and Jeff describe how easy it is to be misled in our desire to walk with God. You will come away with a fresh appreciation and joy about the freedom that comes through the cross of Christ. You will have a renewed sense of your Heavenly Father’s affection for you. Breaking the Hex is not primarily good advice. It is good news! Actually, it is spectacular news!


  • doing the splits (ouch!)
  • christian big foot
  • religion freak
  • control freak
  • stop squirming
  • all inclusive guilt trip
  • how rules backfire
  • hamster wheelin’ it
  • spitting on the sabbath
  • whack-a-mole religion
  • moses and the dead cat bounce
  • talkin’ bout dead stuff
  • with friends like these…
  • chutes & ladders
  • navel gazer
  • martha gone wild
  • and agony on me
  • “@#$!% delmar’s been saved!”
  • …and no additives
  • license to sin
  • that is sooooo 1st century b.c.
  • dripping faucet
  • zombie zone
  • which tree you pickin’ from?

More about “Breaking The Hex”

Roger Fields and Jeff Fields
link to amazon