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And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.
Matthew 10:42 (ESV)–

Kidz Blitz @kidzblitz
What are you doing in your church to celebrate Christmas this year? Concert, live nativity, candlelight service?...
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Kidz Blitz @kidzblitz
Thanks for the love, Ryan Frank! And so thankful for your friendship, pal.
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RESCUED! FBI saves 84 children in sex trafficking sting 

Disney adds openly gay Tween to hit show

Man fixes bikes and gives them away to kids in need

These Americans are changing the world and they’re all under 40

Co-author of The Shack reviews new book

Shaping Kids’ world view is urgent

IL foster parents “1 child led to 132”

Florida mega-church relief team returns from Houston to their own disaster

Transactivism is hurting your children.

Trump made personal donation to Operation Blessing

Farrakhan (founder of Nation of Islam): “I know that my Jesus liveth”

Trump attending weekly Bible Study

Church burglar shot by church-goer

How did this happen? Walmart display advertises guns as Back-to-school item

Neighborhood holds parade for beloved mom fighting cancer
World’s Worst Children’s Pastor
8-year old is the hero during his family’s home fire.
Latin King gang members experience God
Parents “catch up” with church online. But what about the kids?
Young boy is ridiculed in children’s church for his disability.
How many volunteers should your ministry have? How does yours stack up?
German girl just “wants to go home” after joining IS.
Wisconsin company to implant microchips in employees.
Trend: children’s ministries are turning off the screens.
Former US Children’s Pastor leads kidmin missions trips to Belize.
The most divisive element in American churches is no longer racism; it’s homosexuality.
The mindset of an authentic ministry is unboxed at a Nashville leadership intensive.

Prayer Circle for President Trump

City approves satanic monument to be built in veteran’s memorial park.
Ministry focus with freedom in mind.

People are being compared to carbonated geysers.
Churches are creating a pressure-free experience for dads.
The Calling
Some people wish Jesus would freak out.
Trauma informed churches.
Aren’t we supposed to believe in ourselves?
The Abba Effect.
Divorce care is the New non-traditional kidmin
New Report: No ideal Christians exist.
Hungering for Righteousness is an old trend.
30 Funny Tweets from Parents
Embrace it. Fidget spinners can be part of your kidmin lesson.
12 Secrets of a happy Children’s Pastor
Transgender kids in children’s church.
“Kids can grow up being attracted to a God like that”
Lots of ways that Children’s Pastors get into hot water.
Turn kids negatives into world-changing positives.
Churches are easily funding their big outreach events.

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