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Big change always starts with something small. While 1 dollar may be small to us, the change it makes in a child of Belize is huge. You see, 1 dollar is all it costs to rid a child of worms. These parasites that are contracted from the drinking water are keeping kids from being healthy enough to go to school, church or even keep the nourishment their bodies need from the limited meals they get.

Kidz Blitz is taking on the expense of medically de-worming 5000+ kids in 2014. We are partnering with a Children’s Pastor team, David and Karen Rhodes, who is on the ground full-time in Belize feeding and teaching these kids.

Kids need 2 treatments a year, so for a grand total of $2 a year a child can stay worm-free and focus on what really matters: Jesus Loves Me and ABCs.

Roger Fields
President of Kidz Blitz Ministries

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Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus is “On Mission” to implement and maintain children’s ministries in the country of Belize. It is our belief that kids should be actively involved and accountable disciples of Christ. KK4J enables a lost generation to come to know the Lord and Savior of all – Jesus!

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Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus

Check out David and Karen’s web site at www.kidzkonnect4jesus.org
to learn more about this mission outreach!

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