Family Event for Churches

Family Event for Churches

Family event for churches

What can families do together today? What options to families have today if they want to do something they all enjoy?

The choices are limited.

  • Go to a movie.
  • Take a trip to Disney.
  • Get dinner at Chuck E. Cheese.
  • Play putt putt.

All of these are a little pricey and most have worn thin. There has to be something more.

Shared Family Experience

Parents want to do something meaningful and fun with their kids. They want to laugh. They want to participate. They want to make a memory. They want to share the experience together.

Typically, families settle into two activities. They go to a Disney movie or watch the kids play sports. Not bad options, really.

Spectators or Participants

Kids want to do something not merely watch something. They are wired for action. Anytime a kid gets to participate, they are happy. While families movies can be a cool experience they lack the ability to involve people together.

Our specialty is turning a spectator into a participant. We want the whole family involved in a unique faith-building experience.

What is FamBlitz?

We offer something unique.

FamBlitz is the ultimate family event for churches. It is a high-octane, event for mom, dad and the kids. We bring it to you! It happens in your church auditorium. It pulls kids and parents onto the stage to play a game or tackle a challenge.

It is known for heart-thumping music, a colorful display, unique props and crazy games we call “zaniaks.”


FamBlitz is safe for non-churches people. When they see the posters, pics on Facebook or a video clip they can quickly determine that this is not a preachy, sermon-type event that is going to pressure them. It just looks fun.

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