Marshmallow Profanity

Marshmallow Game

WARNING: Graphic language!

Johnny Rodgers suddenly burst in doubled over with laughter. It turns out I need to wash my mouth out with soap. Here’s what happened.

Johnny is the children’s pastor at mega-church World Outreach Center in TN. I led several Kidz Blitz Live events for him over Easter weekend. After one of the shows, he couldn’t stop laughing at me long enough to tell me what I had done.

He tried several times to tell me what was so funny, but couldn’t get the words out between his laughter. He finally said that a kid just told him I cussed in Kidz Blitz Live. Cussed? G-Rated me?

I use a game that floats a marshmallow attached to a big balloon over a fan. In the game two boys attempt to snag the marshmallow with their mouth while it’s floating wildly in front of them. Before the game I lead the crowd in a “shout” that explains what the prop (marshmallow attached to the big balloon) illustrates. I have led the same shout thousands of times saying, “Anytime I feel like I am as small as a marshmallow, I remember I am attached to a God who is a lot bigger than I am.” Apparently that’s not what the kid heard.

He heard, “Anytime I feel like I am a small a** marshmallow…”

I gasped. “Whoa! That’s not what I said,” I explained.

From now on I say, “Sometimes I feel like I am small LIKE a marshmallow…” And after sharing my embarrassing stage moment, Kidz Blitz Directors, Clayton and Donnie, made the same change.

So…Kidz Blitz has now removed all profanity from its family events!

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  1. Karl Bastian September 2, 2015 at 11:29 am - Reply

    Hysterical! My recent mistake was during my linking rings routine. I was comparing that a magician knows how they work so he can do it, because he made them… likewise God made us and knows how we work… then I talked about the Bible and said, “Everything the bible says don’t do, is because it’s bad for us, and everything the bible says do-do is because its good for us.” The kids lost it because I said “the Bible says do-do.” I now am careful to say, “Everything the Bible says we should do…” Gotta watch our language in front of kids!

  2. Amy September 2, 2015 at 11:35 am - Reply

    I received a phone call from a very upset parent one day because her son came home from church saying, Mrs. Amy was cussing in Kids World! It took me a few minutes to think of anything I could possibly have said that was misunderstood. It seems I was teaching on Heaven and Hell that day! I wanted to ask the parent why her son would think “Hell” was a curse word, but I didn’t!

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