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Man Blitz is a NEW high-energy event for men and their sons. It is highly interactive with a simple message for men: it’s ok to be a man in the kingdom of God. The ladies are going to want to sit this one out.

You will see…braggin

  • The Big Burp Challenge
  • The Jerky Spit
  • The Arm Pit Fart Band
  • Sunflower Seed Blitz
  • TP Bazooka Blast
  • and more

The Message…

The message of Man Blitz is that faith and manliness are a perfect fit.

Man Blitz is NOT…

  • a typical men’s event
  • for girls, moms, grandmothers or anyone of the female gender
  • a heavy teaching time
  • another way to make men feel like spiritual failures

Man Blitz is…

  • an event ANY man will enjoy
  • a shared experience between dads and their sons
  • an event that allows men to be men
  • an event that helps men understand that faith is manly
  • a little messy and slightly gross
  • raw


The cost varies depending on date and location. Call Ken at 877.467.1711 or email him at

Man Blitz showdown


Man Blitz is a ministry of Kidz Blitz