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Reindeer Games Revealed

So just what were these “Reindeer games” that Rudolph didn’t get to play? Well, here they are revealed for the first time. And this time everybody gets to play…even Rudolph. Let the furry festivities begin!

  1. Blind Fruitcake Toss. Blindfolded, try to toss a fruitcake into a basket ten feet away. The fun part is watching the fruitcake bounce across the floor.
  2. Fruitcake 
Shuffleboard. Tape a square onto a concrete floor with a square bulls eye in the middle. From a line 20 feet away slide a wrapped fruitcake on the floor with a broom. The bulls eye is worth 100 points the outer box is worth 25 points. Play to 300.
  3. Pumpkin Pie Search. Bury some Skittles in a pumpkin pie. See who can dig them out with their mouths. (yuk)
  4. Candy Cane Fishing. Put about 40-50 candy canes in a box. Challenge a kid to pick one up with his mouth and use the hook to pick up as many as possible with one try. No hands!
  5. Stick the Nose 
on the Reindeer. Buy a few of those clown noses they sell in party stores. Select a “reindeer” to stand still while a blindfolded kid tries to put the nose