How We Know Santa Was Once a Children’s Pastor


OK, lets be honest. Santa Claus has a little bit too much in common with a children’s pastor.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

It seems clear Santa use to be a Children’s Pastor.

Think about these similarities:

1. His office is hard to find.

2. He is fashion challenged.

3. He assumes any and all snacks he finds are his to eat.

4. He has no adult workers.

5. He is only seen on rare occasions.

6. No one seems to know who he reports to.

7. He laughs way too much.

8. He is nobody’s definition of a physical specimen.

9. He is always trying crazy stunts like climbing down a chimney.

10. No one seems to know what he does during the week.

11. He does an impossible job with no visible means of support.

12. Kids love him.

Ha…gotta love those!

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    Love it!

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