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What are Blitz Events?

High-octane, highly interactive, LIVE, Faith-driven events for mom, dad, grandparents and of course KIDZ!

Kidz Blitz Live is designed for kidz only. #1 Rule: Get Kidz Involved
When we are connected to our BIG GOD, we can do mighty things. “I may be small, but I’m connected to a Big God!”

Fam Blitz Live is for all families with kids ages 0-12. There were no perfect families in the Bible so
there won’t be any perfect families at Fam Blitz! We are all in this together trusting God to do
what we can’t do on our own.

OPPORTUNITY: We have several dates in September where we can fit in a Georgia, Alabama or Tennessee Kidz Blitz Live or Fam Blitz Live. And because it’s last minute, you can bring us in for $1900 total. Still no travel expenses to add on. $1900 is it.

And don’t worry that you “don’t have enough time to promote.” We know some great tricks that will make you a big fan of last minute promotions. It’s a lot easier than you think. Give us a call! Go ahead. Have┬áthe easiest, big event ever this month. 877-467-1711

  • Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • Alabama

Questions? Contact Ken at 877-467-1711 or Or fill out our form and we’ll call you.