The Most Dangerous Kidmin Phrases

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Yikes! Saying these kidmin phrases is downright dangerous and not in the fun, adventurous, risk-taker kind of way. Dangerous in the way that will bring your ministry to either a fast--or long and agonizing--halt kind of way. These are the most dangerous kidmin phrases. 1. We have never done it that way before. This [...]

The Few

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The Few So you quit children's ministry... Say what you want about being a children’s pastor. The fact is this: you are in an ELITE GROUP. There are few who would ever attempt what you do. Very few. You prepare weekly Bible content that reaches kids. You recruit, train and motivate a team [...]

How I Got Swept Into Children’s Ministry

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How I Got Swept Into Children's Ministry My background was in adult ministry. That's the ministry where people don't vomit during your message and they go pee without raising their hands. After pastoring two churches I took a sweet gig as an associate pastor in Florida. It was a cushy job without much [...]

How To Keep Kids On the Edge Of Their Seats

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1. Set your room up to encourage focus. 2. Create an atmosphere of anticipation. 3. Get everyone onboard before you take off. 4. Use few words and make them count. 5. Make everything (almost everything) interactive. 6. Use competition to motivate. 7. Use small rewards and lots of them. 8. Be predictably unpredictable. 9. [...]

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4 Most Powerful Words in Children’s Ministry

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Kids are hard-wired for action. They struggle--as we all know too well--to sit and listen. Kids want to DO. They are driven to participate. They crave the opportunity to take part. Doing something is their oxygen. That’s why the most powerful words to enter a kid’s ear are: “I need a volunteer.” When kids [...]