How Many Church Staff Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

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How Many Church Staff Members Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? LEAD PASTOR: 0 He never does anything himself. ASSOCIATE PASTOR: unknown "Huh. What bulb?" STUDENT PASTOR: 22 1 to screw in the bulb and 21 student leaders to explain to the irate parents why the lights went out during the [...]

How I Got Swept Into Children’s Ministry

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How I Got Swept Into Children's Ministry My background was in adult ministry. That's the ministry where people don't vomit during your message and they go pee without raising their hands. After pastoring two churches I took a sweet gig as an associate pastor in Florida. It was a cushy job without much [...]

Why Children’s Ministry is Superior to All Other Ministries

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6 Reasons Why Children's Ministry is Superior to All Other Ministries That's right, Children's Ministry is superior! By that I mean better/higher/cooler than all other ministries in the church. Don't even think about disagreeing with this. Yes, I know all ministry is important. Just roll with me. Here we go! 1. Children's ministry [...]

How To Keep Kids On the Edge Of Their Seats

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1. Set your room up to encourage focus. 2. Create an atmosphere of anticipation. 3. Get everyone onboard before you take off. 4. Use few words and make them count. 5. Make everything (almost everything) interactive. 6. Use competition to motivate. 7. Use small rewards and lots of them. 8. Be predictably unpredictable. 9. [...]

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Kidmin Dictionary

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It has come to our attention that Children’s Pastors see the world a little differently than most others. This handy reference guide will help bridge the language gap that so often divides them from the rest of society. We recommend this guide be kept for ready reference at all staff and board meetings so [...]