Kidmin Acronyms

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New Kidmin Acronyms Does your kidmin team know these new acronyms? MVDSUA: My Volunteers Didn’t Show Up Again. "Ugh. Another MVDSUA Sunday." INABB: I Need A Bigger Budget. "Dear Pastor, INABB." WITKTTSR: Where Is The Key To The Supply Room? “Fred, WITKTTSR?" IBCOY: Is Big Church Out Yet? "Hey, Betty! IBCOY?" PKOTL:  Pastor’s Kid On [...]

Why Children’s Ministry is Superior to All Other Ministries

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6 Reasons Why Children's Ministry is Superior to All Other Ministries That's right, Children's Ministry is superior! By that I mean better/higher/cooler than all other ministries in the church. Don't even think about disagreeing with this. Yes, I know all ministry is important. Just roll with me. Here we go! 1. Children's ministry [...]

NEVER Say To A Kidmin Pastor…

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Never say any of this stuff to a children's pastor. Just don't do it. Ever. Do you think you’ll have a real ministry someday? When I was growing up in church we didn’t need to have fun. What do you do with all that money the board gives you? You’re disturbing the MAIN service. [...]

Why Jesus is Better Than Santa

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While the big guy up north may be cool, he is small time compared to the King of Kings. Consider the facts: • SANTA comes one day a year.
 JESUS is with you everyday all year long. • SANTA has a few little elves.
 JESUS has multitudes of strong angels. • SANTA is fat. [...]

How We Know Santa Was Once a Children’s Pastor

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OK, lets be honest. Santa Claus has a little bit too much in common with a children's pastor. Coincidence? I don't think so. It seems clear Santa use to be a Children's Pastor. Think about these similarities: 1. His office is hard to find. 2. He is fashion challenged. 3. He assumes any and all snacks [...]

18 Simple Rules about Children’s Ministry

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Here are a few reasonable rules we think should be implemented in every children's ministry. 1. Any pastoral, staff or board decisions, requiring anything from the children’s ministry department and made without the presence of the Children’s Pastor, are rendered null and void. 2. The facilities/maintenance supervisor will not be permitted to give the Children’s [...]