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How To Keep Kids On the Edge Of Their Seats Keep kids on the edge of their seats in your kid church with these 10 important tips. 1. Set your room up to encourage focus. This is a no brainer for all you kidmin pros out there, so lets just get #1 out of [...]

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How To Use Games To Impact Kids In 10 Easy Steps

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Let me just say first, I am a strong believer in healthy competition. In no particular order here are some tips for making games fun while keeping the competition in perspective: 1. Divide the room into two sides. Give each side a team name. For Kidz Blitz Live events, we call our teams Blue and Green. Dividing the room with a center aisle or rope down the middle is helpful/important/critical. Games just work better with a visible team divider.

4 Most Powerful Words in Children’s Ministry

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Kids are hard-wired for action. They struggle--as we all know too well--to sit and listen. Kids want to DO. They are driven to participate. They crave the opportunity to take part. Doing something is their oxygen. That’s why the most powerful words to enter a kid’s ear are: “I need a volunteer.” When kids [...]

Are You a Pointer or Painter in Children’s Ministry

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There are two types of Children's Ministry communicators: Pointers and Painters. Pointers drive home specific points; Painters create an overall impression. Both can be effective. We need to understand simple points from the Bible. We cannot apply what we don’t understand. Teachers that can unfold practical truth and reduce ideas into bite-sized pieces are effective [...]