Big 7

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from the Cold Water Cafe People need to hear about your church event SEVEN (7) times before it sinks in! Hearing something once is not enough and will never get anyone's attention. Hearing something only twice is like half a scoop of ice cream with 1 sprinkle. Hearing about it three times is like [...]

More than fun and games

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This heart felt open letter to a critic, or should we say Fritic (Friend-critic), from Roger Fields has gone viral and I am sure you'll see why. We can only hope that other critics will think twice before typing in that comment line. Roger took to heart the idea that anyone could mistake Kidz [...]

How to Overcome Onstage Mishaps

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Having conducted Kidz Blitz Live and FX Live events for other sixteen years in many of the largest churches in America, I have had some embarrassing moments. When things don't go as planned it is helpful to know how to handle it.

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How to Conduct a Great Family Crowd Show

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Here are the secrets a Family Event Director should follow EXACTLY. I have conducted over a thousand crowd shows in every kind of church and situation across America. I promise, if you break even ONE of these guidelines, your event will suffer. None of these points are complicated, but they WILL impact your event if [...]

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How to Advertise Your Event All Over Town For Less Than $100

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Designate an area of your church parking lot for window painting. Station 2-4 people in the same location each week beginning 6 weeks before your event. Paint church staff cars before you offer it to the congregation so that when people arrive at church the first week you are painting, they are already excited about [...]

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How To Peel a Bible Story

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Your Bible story is like an orange. You can hand it off to a kid and expect him to tear into it and eat it. Or you can peel it yourself and hand it in slices to the kid. It is easier for the kid to eat if you hand it to him in bite-sized [...]

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