More than fun and games

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This heart felt open letter to a critic from Roger Fields has gone viral and I am sure you'll see why. We welcome the constructive cristicism in that comment line. Roger took to heart the idea that anyone could mistake Kidz Blitz or Fam Blitz events as shallow or lacking Bible. He is proud [...]

How to Make Your Big Event Flop in 3 Easy Steps

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Planning a big event can be challenging. But if you apply yourself you can easily wreck it. Here are the three best ways to insure your big event is a big flop. Don't you want to fill these seats for your big event? Do everything yourself. Involving others only lightens the load [...]

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FamBlitz Live: Outreach Family Program

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WATCH THE VIDEO! Engaging Biblical message all while reminding families that working together can be fun. When family members think of their family as their home team, it encourages them to work together, cooperate and move toward the same objectives. FX Live is a high-energy event complete with games, challenges, props, music. We bring this event to you. Easiest event you will ever host!

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