Banana Face

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You will need: 2 kids Some type of scarf to tie hands 2 bananas How to win: be the first to poke your opponent in the face with a peeled banana How to play: Choose 2 kids to come up front. Stand them facing each other and [...]

Oreo Blitz

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You will need: box of Oreos and a container to put them in 4 kids How to win: catch the most cookies in your mouth in one minute How to play: Twist all the Oreo cookies apart. Place the halves with the filling in a pan. Select four [...]

TP Hike

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You will need: 2 hula hoops rolls of toilet paper (3 per team) masking tape 2 teams of 3 kids each How to win: pass the most toilet paper rolls through your hula hoop in 1 minute How to play: Designate a hiker, catcher and retriever for each team. [...]

Crumby Ping Pong

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You will need: table masking tape table tennis ball crackers 2 kids How to win: blow the table tennis ball past their opponent at the other end of the table How to play: Put a line of masking tape down the centre of the table dividing the table into two [...]

Balloon Master

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You will need: masking tape 60 balloons 2 teams of 5 each How to win: attach the most balloons to your teammate How to play: Choose 2 five-person teams. Give each team a roll of masking tape and 30 balloons. On “Go!” have members of each team roll [...]

SWAT Team Game

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We know what your kidmin needs: more free games! Well, we have free games for ya! Here is a free game and it's Blitz-approved. What does Blitz-approved mean? We put the free game through our Blitz criteria of "Is the game as much fun to watch as it is to play?" You [...]

Blindfold Race

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You will need: 3 grocery size paper bags 3 heavy men's gloves 3 pairs of socks 3 helmets 3 blindfolds 3 players How to win: be the fastest to put on all the items in your bag while blindfolded How to play: Before the game, prepare 3 [...]

How to Include Shy Kids

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Breaking the Fun Barrier! Be careful how you get shy kids involved. Breaking the fun barrier is not about merely having a lot of fun. It's not even about having more fun than anyone else. Nor is it about having fun in a new way. Breaking the fun barrier is when you can help a hesitant child to participate in something fun that nudges them out of their comfort...and they like it.

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