SWAT Team Game

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We know what your kidmin needs: more free games! Well, we have free games for ya! Here is a free game and it's Blitz-approved. What does Blitz-approved mean? We put the free game through our Blitz criteria of "Is the game as much fun to watch as it is to play?" You [...]

7 Reasons Why Games Are the Best Teaching Tool

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There are lots of effective teaching tools you can use to reach kids and there are good reasons to use all of them at one time or another. However, one stands out above the rest...GAMES. Engage kids. Games turn spectators into participants. When a kid is playing a game they are completely engaged in what [...]

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FamBlitz Live: Outreach Family Program

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WATCH THE VIDEO! Engaging Biblical message all while reminding families that working together can be fun. When family members think of their family as their home team, it encourages them to work together, cooperate and move toward the same objectives. FX Live is a high-energy event complete with games, challenges, props, music. We bring this event to you. Easiest event you will ever host!

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