Holiday Diet Secrets

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  Little known diet secrets you need to know this time of year: 1. If no one sees you eat it, it has no calories. 2. If you drink a diet soda with a candy bar, they cancel each other out. 3. If you eat standing up, it doesn't count! 4. If you eat someone else's [...]

Can You Name These Christmas Carols?

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1. Bleached Yule 2. Seeds Grilling in a Conflagration 3. Righteous Evening 4. Far Off in a Feeder 5. Array the Corridor 6. Monarchial Triad 7. Nocturnal Quiet 8. Loyal Followers Advance 9. Small Male Percussionist 10. Singular Yearning for the Twin Anterior Incisors 11. Arrival Time: 2400 hrs - Weather: Cloudless 12. Jehovah Deactivate [...]

Christmas Carols Answers

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View the Christmas Carols game without the answers 1. White Christmas - Bleached Yule 2. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire or The Christmas Song - Seeds Grilling in a Conflagration 3. O Holy Night - Righteous Evening 4. Away in a Manger - Far Off in a Feeder 5. Deck the Halls - Array the Corridor 6. We Three Kings - Monarchial [...]

Christmas Trivia You Do NOT Know

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Here's Some Christmas Trivia You Do NOT Know From our team to yours...Merry Christmas! (a bit early, but not too early to be thinking about a live Christmas event) True or False According to data analyzed from Facebook posts, two weeks before Christmas is one of the two most popular times for couples to [...]