What’s Pulling You?

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We try to get somewhere by being pulled from the outside instead of being powered from the inside. We serve God. We work for the Kingdom. We volunteer for our local church. We do stuff for Jesus. All of that is good except for one thing: much of what we do is on our own ability due to feeling obligated.

Have You Spotted Christian Big Foot?

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A rumor is floating around that somewhere in the midwest there’s a man who is actually living the Christian life in epic proportions. Research indicates his name is Ernie. We don’t yet know his last name. The word on the street is that he is a model Christian, the primo example.

My Ministry Game Changer

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Spiritual growth begins when people respond to what God is like. One of my spiritual heroes is Chuck Smith, the former lead pastor at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA. He made a statement that still has my gears turning over 30 years later.

How to Overcome Onstage Mishaps

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Having conducted Kidz Blitz Live and FX Live events for other sixteen years in many of the largest churches in America, I have had some embarrassing moments. When things don't go as planned it is helpful to know how to handle it.

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