Not All That Spiritual

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MEDIA KIT Roger Fields is president of Blitz Ministries and author of the books Breaking the Hex and Jumping the Track as well as various articles for leading ministry magazines. When he isn't on the road with Blitz live events, he runs a charming Kentucky wedding [...]

Dirty Shepherds

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Shepherds had a dirty job. That’s because sheep are dirty. Therefore, so are the shepherds. Not only that, but shepherds had to live away from town, away from other people. Their job prevented them from attending religious services, social events or meetings. They weren’t respected or included. Their job made them virtual outcasts. [...]

What You Need the Most

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This past summer a waterline broke on my farm. Since I don’t know much about plumbing, I called a plumber. If I were good at plumbing then I wouldn’t have needed a plumber. Since I am not good at plumbing, I needed a plumber. You may not realize it, but I just described Christmas. If [...]