Videos and Pics for Kidz Blitz Live2018-10-16T11:42:22+00:00
Media Kit
Blitz event game
Dysfunctional families
Dad and son playing game
Big event fun
girl in tower
Kidz Blitz TP
Gator Snot at Kidz Blitz Live
girl with TP Bazooka
holding onto knots
TP harness
Mario at Kidz Blitz Live
cube stuff game
volunteers headed to stage
jump rope game
Joel Olsteen before Kidz Blitz Live
ninja volunteer
kids on stage
Kidz Blitz Live at Luis Palau
Luis Palau
Donut Chew game
TP in the air
girl doing donut chew game
cotton nose game
cubes falling in tower
boys cheering
the BIG stuff
poofed at Kidz Blitz Live
group selfie at Kidz Blitz Live
hanging in the harness
girls in costume
getting hooked up in the harness
Chicken and Bone challenge
tie-dye costume at Kidz Blitz Live
Smoke Ring Cannon
cube stuff girl
choosing volunteers
apple game
covered in TP
on stage at Kidz Blitz Live
boy playing the cube stuff game
playing the hula hoop game
hula hoop game
playing the Chicken and Bone Challenge
Kidz Blitz Live set
hanging around
boy playing cotton nose game
TP blowing at Kidz Blitz Live
playing the donut chew game
hanging with knots
stuffed with cubes