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Looking for a high octane, teen event for your church?

Kidz Blitz offers 2 youth ministry events.

Youth Blitz Live

Youth Blitz Live is a random mix of content, music and games. This high energy experience is designed to reach teenagers by involving them in an event that brings relevant content into their world. It is fast paced, fun and content rich.

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Blitz Party

Wired for teenagers and young adults, this event mixes a dance party with onstage challenges that keep the whole room moving/PARTYING. Fused into the dance party atmosphere is a message of Jesus’ return and the party He has planned for His believers.

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Ken Dovey

NO SET FEE! Call Ken at 877.467.1711–

For more information about our youth events and date availability call Ken Dovey at 877.467.1711 or email at