What’s a Kidmin conference without free stuff?

Donnie with kids

1. Be 1 of the first 25 people to our Blitz exhibit. 
2. Tell me, Donnie Slade, the ultra-secret, code words (Gator Snot).
3. Lights and sirens will sound as you are presented your free gift! Not really. But I’ll be smiling!

What? You want something else free? How about a TP Bazooka?? Ok! We will give those away too! Come to the exhibit to find out how to get your very own.

And you want to play a game on stage during the Blitz segment of The Day of Awesome? Of course, YES!! Come see us at the exhibit and we will get you ready to play.


Are you just coming to meet Roger Fields, Ken Dovey or me, Donnie Slade? Talk to Ken about available dates, cost and all info related to Kidz Blitz Live, Fam Blitz Live, Blitz Party Live and Bully Blitz.

Lastly, if you are a member of Where in the World is Kidz Blitz on Facebook, show us you’re a member at the exhibit and you get yet ANOTHER free gift. 

We just can’t wait to Mega-Con-party with all of you!

-Donnie Slade, Blitz Live event director