Just once…

  1. I want to see the pastor stand up and say, “I’m sorry but I’ve got nothing this week. Service dismissed. We’re going straight to Cracker Barrel. I’m paying.”

  2. I want to see a church sign that says “stay home and spend time with your kids this Sunday.”

  3. I want to see the losing quarterback testify in church saying, “I want to thank God that we got our butts whooped last week. We deserved it.”

  4. I want to hear someone in church say, “I got a word from God this week. He told me to sit down and shut up.”

  5. I want to see a hotdog vendor coming down the aisle in the 11:30 service when we’re all starting to get hungry saying, “Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs!”

Don’t judge me. You would like to see these things too!

–Roger Fields–