It is no secret that the life span of the average children’s pastor is less that the house fly: short. Most kidmin don’t make it much past one year. Not good. Here are some contributing factors.

5 things that kill kidmin


  1. Visionless Pastor. It’s a fact, Jack; some lead pastors don’t get it. They don;t see what’s so important about building a spiritual foundation in kids. Either learn to live with it, slowly change his perspective on children’s ministry or leave. But realize a few/many/scores of kidmin have experienced the same thing.
  2. Dead Church. It’s hard to create momentum in a dying church. It sometimes happens. But it ain’t easy. The real problem is that you end up raising your family in a church that does not lead them into vital relationship with Jesus.
  3. No Money. Flash: It takes to money to pay bills. If you are not making it financially you need a miracle turnaround or you need to go and do something else. You have to take care of your family.
  4. No Leadership Skills. If you don’t know how to lead you will try to do everything yourself. That will eventually kill you dead in ministry. Learn to build a team or you are toast.
  5. Unsupportive Spouse. There are many reasons why your spouse may not support your ministry. You either have to solve it or do something else. Identify the real issue. Here are some possibilities.
  • You talk negatively about your children’s ministry
  • Spouse doesn’t like the church
  • Marriage struggles

Children’s ministry is not easy. If it was, everyone could do it. It is a high calling but it has a few challenges.

Roger Fields