So, you just got hired on as the new children’s director. Either you were hired from outside of your church or raised up from within. Either way, you need to step back and take some simple, deliberate steps to lay the groundwork for future success as the new children’s director.
9 smart things every new children's director should do

1. Talk to the current children’s ministry workers and ask questions. Find out what they think is working and not working. This will accomplish two things. You will learn what is going on in the inner workings of your children’s ministry and you will build rapport with your current workers. Both are worth their weight in gold.

2. Talk to parents. Ask them what they think of the children’s ministry. Let them know you value their input. Again, you will learn and build report at the same time. After all, you will need some of them later to become volunteer workers.

3. Walk around and watch what goes on while children’s ministry is underway. Observe carefully. Note the glitches in the system. Identify which workers are effective and which are not.

4. Inspect your facility. Is it clean? Does it look old and tired? Does it make anyone want to work in that environment. Is the artwork amateurish? Be brutally honest with yourself about how it looks. Start thinking about how to improve it.

5. Ask your senior pastor what his main objectives are in children’s ministry. Make sure you know what is valuable to him.

6. Talk to some of the kids. Ask them what they like, or don’t like, about your children’s ministry. Take notes.

7. Make sure you clearly understand the process for acquiring funds. Make a budget. Know whom you have to convince when you need money for something.

8. Plan something fun—really fun—to bring your workers (or at least your key workers) together. Let them know you are their biggest fan.

9. Carefully and prayerfully decide what your first big step should be. Then communicate it clearly to your workers and those above you.

Roger Fields Creator of Kidz Blitz