Children’s ministry leaders can have a rewarding life on many levels. Here are the top best things that can happen.

9 best things that can happen to a children's pastor

9. Hearing parents express appreciation about what you do for their kids. There is something pleasing about knowing you are appreciated, especially when it comes from the parents of the kids in your ministry.

8. Having the resources to move ministry forward. Few have everything they want or need to make their ministry remarkable. However, having the resources to that allow you to see improvement is gratifying.

7. Building an effective ministry team. It is a wonderful experience to have people working with you that are effective and pleasant. Good ministry teams are a lot of fun.

6. Being able to trust your church leadership. Ministry is lighter and easier when you can trust your leadership to have your best interests at heart.

5. Serving in a church that inspires you. It is rewarding to serve in a church that propels you forward spiritually.

4. Knowing Jesus has called you to the ministry. It’s better to walk in your calling than to merely accept a job in a church. Few things in life are better than knowing you were put on this planet to do what you do.

3. Seeing your own kids enjoy serving the Lord. Few things are as thrilling as watching your own children thrive spiritually as they serve in a ministry in your church.

2. Balancing your family and ministry. Being able to balance your time wisely between your family and ministry is worth its weight in gold. It is wonderful to watch them both flourish.

1. Receiving Jesus personally. Knowing Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior will help your children’s ministry…a lot.

Roger Fields
Creator of Kidz Blitz