from the Cold Water Cafe

People need to hear about your church event SEVEN (7) times before it sinks in!

  1. Hearing something once is not enough and will never get anyone’s attention.
  2. Hearing something only twice is like half a scoop of ice cream with 1 sprinkle.
  3. Hearing about it three times is like starting on a vacation to Miami and stopping in Kentucky.
  4. Four times is like hearing a concert from the highway near the stadium, just not close enough.
  5. Five times is not enough but getting closer.
  6. Six times is close…but no cigar.
  7. Seven times should do it. The magical number 7 times.

Use whatever means you have available so people will hear about your big church event multiple ways.

  • Show the video of your church event in the adult service.
  • Show the video to the kids.
  • Use social media to the max, especially Facebook and Instagram, to tell people about your church event with posts.
  • Recruit a big team of volunteers for your church event. They usually will talk it up.
  • Giveaway something to whoever brings the most guests to your church event.
  • Use posters on the walls at church.

People lead busy, distracted lives. It takes being proactive to capture their attention and penetrate their schedules.

And by the way, do NOT buy advertising in newspapers or on radio. That stopped working years ago.

Roger Fields