Blitz Games: Blinded Snow Bunnies

You will need:

  • 3 sets of snow suits
  • snow gear
  • 3 ski masks
  • 3 blindfolds
  • 3 volunteers

How to win:

be the fastest to put on all the snow gear while blinded

How to play:

Before the game, make 3 piles of snow gear and set them up front. Each pile should contain articles like: snow suit, coat, mittens, hat, boots, scarf, etc.

Ask for 3 volunteers. Tell them that on “go” they will be racing to see who can put on all their gear the fastest.

Say, “Ready. Set. WAIT! I almost forgot. You need these first.” Bring out 3 ski masks and 3 blindfolds and put them on the kids.

Now say, “GO!” First one with all the gear on wins.