No Clowns. No Magic. No Puppets.

Blitz Live events consists of Kidz Blitz Live for a primarily kid audience, Fam Blitz Live for families, Dad Blitz Live for dads and their kids, Blitz Christmas for the holidays and Blitz Party Live for students. Got all that? We are an outreach ministry with the easiest outreach events you will ever host in your church. And, dare I say, the BEST outreach events out there. We can tell you all day long the high-octane stuff we do in these shows, but for a moment, let me tell you what Blitz events DON’T do.

What Blitz events don’t do…

Blitz Live events never use clowns, magic or puppets. Never.

There is nothing wrong with clowns. It’s just not our style. Puppets, though engaging to preschoolers, do not effectively engage elementary kids. Magic can be cool but we would be horrible magicians. I can hear it now, “Hey, we can see you hiding that behind your back!” So no magic. And in case you were wondering, none of us can juggle either. Those are talents! My youngest daughter once asked me, “Dad, are we the only show that doesn’t have talent?” I said, “Yes we are.” Our talent is keeping a crowd of kids and parents highly entertained and engaged for a non-stop 75 minutes and effectively presenting the Gospel message without ever stopping for a sermon time. That’s right, non-stop. No down time. High-octane start to finish.

What Blitz events don’t do…

Multi-media. It isn’t interactive enough for us. Blitz events don’t need it, so we don’t use it. It has it’s place in church, for sure, but we create an energy that gets slowed down if multi-media has a part.

clowns puppets

Instead, we use games, props, music and crowd interaction. We ramp it up with some high-octane blitzergy… and there you have it. We turn spectators into participants. That’s our specialty.

We create an interactive frenzy to enter a child’s world and then communicate a message of God’s love and grace.

It’s not the only way to reach kids and families, but it’s how we do it.

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Roger Fields