Blitz Games: Grog

You will need:

  • Ribbon (the kind you curl on a gift)

  • Vaseline

  • (Red) Tinsel PomPoms

  • Hot Glue

  • Christmas Music Playlist

  • Scissors

How to win:

Get the pompom Reindeer Nose to stick to your own nose

How to play:

Cut 18″ lengths of ribbon. Hot glue 1 pompom to the end of each ribbon.

Apply vaseline liberally to the noses of each player.

Give each player a piece of string with a pompom. They will hold the end without a pompom in their mouths.

Instruct them to swing the pompom until it sticks to their nose as a reindeer nose would.

No hands allowed.

The first player to get their reindeer nose stuck WINS!

Start your Christmas music and PLAY!

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