Blitz Games

Blitz Game: Grog

You will need: a flashlight How to win: work together to defeat the grog How to play: Take apart a flashlight and hide the parts throughout [...]

Banana Surgery

You will need: banana for each team plastic knives pins, needles, tape etc. for each team How to win: be the team that reconstructs your banana the best [...]

Bible Rap-Off

You will need: long Bible verses 2 or more teams of several kids each How to win: perform the best rap How to play: Create two or [...]

Blinded Snow Bunnies

You will need: 3 sets of snow suits snow gear 3 ski masks 3 blindfolds 3 volunteers How to win: be the fastest to put on all the [...]

Office Chair Blitz

You will need: 2 office chairs items to create an obstacle course 2 teams of 4 kids each How to win: be the first team to finish the obstacle [...]

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