What are People Saying About Kidz Blitz Live and Fam Blitz LiveHere are a few testimonies and very nice things pastors, directors and parents have said about our shows.

I was amazed and thrilled at Roger Fields and Kidz Blitz. It was enjoyable because it included children and parents, which is so needed. It was fun, and directed toward scripture and Jesus. I salute all involved.
Dodie Osteen, Co-Founder & Pastor at Lakewood Church, Houston, TX

I love Kidz Blitz!
Jim Wideman, Jim Wideman Ministries

My friend, Roger Fields, who founded the outreach 17 years ago, presented the Gospel clearly and we saw over 400 children and parents walk forward to accept God’s gift of salvation…Behind the numbers are so many stories of individuals who were invited and came to Christ through the event.  Here’s one story.  A 3rd grader who attends our church had been bullied by a girl at school.  She had been very hurt emotionally, but decided to go to the bully and tell her she had forgiven her.  She then invited the bully to come to the event with her.  The bully came and walked forward to accept Christ as her Savior.  That story could be told many times over.
Dale Hudson, Director of Children’s Ministry at Christ Fellowship Church, Palm Beach, FL

Several crews around the country making his high-octane high-energy highly effective show available for your church! Bring in kids and families, and share the crazy, amazing love of God like you never have before!
Karl Bastian, The Kidologist

Messy girl at Kidz Blitz Live

Messy girl at Kidz Blitz Live

Thank you!!! It was a great event! This was our first year not doing a HUGE egg hunt event we have hosted for many years! So it was interesting to see what our turn out/response would be. Several people accepted Jesus as their Lord & Savior so that is more than worth it for me!! 🙂 Donnie and his team were great! We loved it and have had good responses from our attendees since. Thank you FamBlitz team for serving the Lord and communicating a message in a relevant and fun way! Ya’ll are awesome!
Leah, Children’s Director, Northville MI

The kids and our staff had a great time!! thank you so much for making it so easy!!
Jenny, Children’s Director, Orland Park IL

Our event was EPIC!! Best thing we have ever done… Roger was phenomenal! Both kids and adults had a blast… We will be talking about this for years to come. I’d also like to thank Ken Dovey for his incredible flexibility and kindness shown to us as we had to rearrange several times. He made the changes so easy and worry free. It was an absolute pleasure working with all of the team. Not only did we have an outstanding turnout we were just delighted at the number of new faces that got to hear about Christ and if they don’t connected with us at least they may get connected somewhere. Just a smashing success! God bless you all!
Shelley, Children’s Director, Midlothian VA

As a children’s pastor who has hosted many events, this was by far the best. Donnie was personable, remembered all of our volunteer’s names, down to earth, and so fun! His gospel presentation was wonderful. 

Anna – Children’s Pastor – Lake Jackson, TX

Roger and Lori were a pleasure to work with . Roger was very flexible and accommodating with changed to his stage and set up due to the limited area of the sanctuary he was in. It is always a joy having them at World Outreach Church. We look forward to working with them in the future.
Betsey, Children’s Director, Murfreesboro, TN

christian entertainment for family

We absolutely loved working with Roger and Lori! Loved having Roger speak to some of our faithful volunteers the morning of the event and pour passion, wisdom, and insight into the team, as we discussed the value of working with kids and bringing Jesus to their level!
Carina, Children’s Director, Florence, KY

Thank you so much for an incredible and memorable service for our children’s ministry. Clayton was amazing and even extended our program for us as we were timing the close of our service with big church, which ran late. So, so grateful to him for his flexibility, working with us and presenting the gospel and God’s love for kids in such a fun and high energy way!
Jonie, Children’s Director, Tampa FL

FX Live far exceeded our expectations! The event was well planned and connected with our families. Donnie’s personality, ability to connect with people from a variety of backgrounds and personalities and pastoral-heart was a great blessing to our church and community!
Alexis, Children’s Director, Tulsa OK

We had a blast. Really wish we could have filled our church to the brim but know it was all in God’s hands – the people who He wanted here were here. Roger did an amazing job and was a joy to work with. We have a very successful VBS and due to construction this year we had to go outside of the box. This was definitely worth it! Thank you for accommodating us and putting smiles on our faces!
Lori, Children’s Director, Byron Center MI

Great night and Donnie was great to work with!
Melissa, Children’s Director, Waxahachie TX

We had a great time! Thank you for sharing your ministry with us. We were very pleased with the attendance and found this to be an easy event to promote.
Michelle, Children’s Director, Fort Wayne IN

Thank you! You guys were amazing! We have had so much positive feedback from this event!
Melissa, Children’s Director, Enterprise WV

This was the best event we have had to engage families.
Mike, Children’s Director, Douglasville GA

Absolutely loved the event, and loved working with the Fields – great people!! We also received a very encouraging email from another church in town that sent their children’s ministry team to check out the event…they were impressed with the whole thing.
Daniel, Children’s Director, Cedar Rapids IA

We love working with Kidz Blitz! Our families loved the event!
Michelle, Children’s Director, Auburn AL

Thank you again for juggling your schedule to be at our first ever Pastor’s Kids event! The kids did not want the show to end!
Sherri, North American Division of Seventh-Day Adventist

fathers and sons

This was a absolutely great event! We have many families tell us or post on Facebook how much they enjoyed it! The Kidblitz staff was easy to work with. We look forward to hosting another event in the future!
Heather, Children’s Director, Omaha NE

We loved the event! Our families had a wonderful time and it was a great opportunity for them to invite their friends. It was great having an event that was for the entire family and not where the parents just dropped off their children. It was great and I would recommend it to others! Thank you!
Stacie, Children’s Director, Cranberry Township PA

We enjoyed the show very much! Thank you for being so easy to work with.

Deanne – Children’s Director – Pella, IA

We absolutely loved working with Clayton and having your company apart of our Fall Festival. It was so easy to set up and put on so many people were surprised. Clayton was awesome and very complimentary. We would love to work with y’all on future events.
Cassie, Children’s Director, Midland, TX

This is our second year to host FX Live. Both years have been phenomenal and drawn new families to our church that may have otherwise never step foot in the door. The experience is fun, entertaining, attention keeper, and the gospel presentation is very clear and concise. These are comments that I have heard from people that have been each year. Thanks for what you do and thanks for partnering with me and my church to help reach our surrounding community!
Robin, Children’s Director, Jackson, TN

Kidz Blitz Christmas was such a wonderful event for all involved. (volunteers, kids and parents) The energy in the room was amazing. It never let go! It stayed “High Energy” throughout the entire night! Just wonderful!! Thank you for driving all the way up to Columbus to give the families in our community a wonderful event. I loved the message of Christ’s love throughout the entire event. It all tied together very well!! I always enjoy hearing kids say Bible verses.
Ellen, Children’s Director, Columbus OHKidz Blitz Live for children's ministry

We love Kidz Blitz!
Genell, Children’s Director, Oro Valley AZ

This was an outstanding way to reach kids and families with the joyful message of Christmas! Thank you for all you did to make this the easiest Christmas event we have ever done. Donnie was fantastic to work with, and a joy to serve with! Thanks again!
Richard,Children’s Director, Ewing NJ

We had a wonderful experience with Kidz Blitz ! The children were extremely involved and Donnie did a phenomenal job of teaching Bible truths while engaging the children in fun, exciting games. The children and adults are still talking about it and we can’t wait to have Kidz Blitz return!
Cheryl, Children’s Director, Glen Allen VA

We had a fantastic weekend!  19 kids accepted Jesus as their Savior! 
Holly Wilson, Children’s Director, New Life Family Church

An excellent event for outreach. We had 30-40% new families and glowing positive feedback from our church family.
Keith Profit, Children’s Director, Calvary Chapel

From all of us at Rivers of Living Water Church, Boston – Waltham, we’d like to thank you for our wonderful New Years Eve FX/KidzBlitz Live Event. To this day people can’t stop raving about how wonderful it was and how much fun it was. But what people loved the most is how each game had a biblical verse behind it and how we were all made to declare the Word of God before each game. We had been searching for a long time for a ministry such as yourselves and my husband and I can truly state after experiencing our very first FX/KidzBlitz Live that you truly are America’s Premier Outreach Event.
Pastors Daniel and Rebecca Teo, Living Water Church, Boston-Walthamgirl in harness cheering

I was excited for our children’s ministry team to see this event. I have been telling them this is what children’s ministry should be.
Katy Graven, Children’s Director, Decatur, IL

I thought EVERYTHING was fantastic! We loved hosting and participating in this program.
Rachelle Davis, Children’s Director, Frankfort, IN

Kids seemed to stay engaged. Best use of gospel throught the yell times. 22 new salvations to talk through with parents and 25 kids asking for more information about baptism. Well worth the cost for that – for sure.

Jonathan – Children’s Pastor – Tuscaloosa, AL

From the pre-event coordination to the actual execution, everything ran smoothly.
George W. Brooks, Senior Pastor, Greensboro, NC

Kidz Blitz Ministries has 3 traveling teams spreading the Good News and toilet paper to all denominations!

One lady told me yesterday, over a month after the event, that she felt like she was at a real TV show.
Ryan Clarke, Children’s Director, Mechanicsburg PA

Kidz Blitz continues to be one of the most interactive, dynamic events for children’s and family ministry. Roger and his team do an incredible job at engaging the crowd while reinforcing simple truths of God’s Word. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to do a great outreach event in their community!
Michael Chanley, Executive Director, CMConnect Conference

I am very pleased with the entire process.
Rick Harris, Children’s Director, Cape Girardeau MO

The event was loved by all ages. The Kidz Blitz staff was wonderful to work with.
Karen Splawn, Children’s Director, The Woodlands TX

Our Sr. Pastor said it was the clearest child worded gospel presentation he had ever seen/heard.
Patrick Newbill, Children’s Director, Albuquerque NM

Kidz Blitz was great! Many kids and adults have been asking if I was planning on getting y’all to come back next year.
Kenyon Hamner, Children’s Director, Tuscaloosa AL

Of all the events that I have ever been involved with, this was from start to finish, the easiest by far!
Dedra Lewis, Children’s Director, Vincennes IN

Our senior pastor was so impressed with Kidz Blitz Live, he has already given us the green light on having you guys back next year.
Rick Harris, Children’s Director, Cape Girardeau MO

I have always enjoyed the high energy of Kidz Blitz. The directors have been very personable.
Marian Smith, Children’s Director, Wauwatosa, WI

It was great to have Roger here! Please let him know that we had a ton of first time guests return on Sunday!!!
Christine Kreisher, Children’s Director, West Lawn, PA

It was crazy fun for the kids and we had 3 kids ask Jesus into their hearts. I’ve been doing Children’s Ministry for almost 20 years and never have had kids listen so well while the event was going on. We will definitely have Kidz Blitz back and will definitely have more kids. Thank you for your tremendous ministry!!

Glen – Children’s Director – Montgomery, AL