Play The Ball Where The Monkey Drops It

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Children's pastors can get frustrated with their situation. They want to move forward and they meet resistance. If your job is a basket of roses and puppies then challenge someone for a game of Words with Friends and skip this article.  You cannot control every situation you face as a children's pastor. So what [...]

You Know You’re the VBS Director When…

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VBS directors have the organizational skills of Marie Kondo, the work ethic of well...a children's pastor, creative minds like Bob Ross and a heart of gold. But look, even if you aren't the super human described above, that's how you look to us outsiders watching you pull off an awesome VBS every year. I [...]

How To Promote Your VBS

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VBS keeps our summer at Kidz Blitz busy too. Kidz Blitz Live and Fam Blitz Live are used often for VBS kick-off or grand finale events. Here are some more ways to promote your VBS and get big numbers: 1. Some local theaters do free movies in summer. Hand out VBS information and a trinket as people exit. 2. Distribute theme-related items as invitations.

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