Why Team Players Are Not Always the Best

I look for renegades, not team players.

I don’t need a bunch of people who think like me.

I already think like me. Why do I need more people like me?

I want people who think differently from me. Give me people off the beaten path.

You can keep your bland/typical churchgoer types who have never had an original thought.

I want the crazies.

That doesn’t mean I want people who can’t get along with others. Some people skills are required.

However, innovation is more important than getting along.

I want people who know Jesus and understand the Gospel of God’s grace.

Other than that, all bets are off.

Children’s ministry does not need more team players sitting around talking about how to get 20 more in kids choir this year.

It needs people who raise their hand and say, “Why the heck do we even do this?”

We need people who stir the pot…and sometimes even dump it over.

What kinds of people do you recruit? Chances are you recruit people you enjoy being around.

That means they are probably a lot like you. Those are the last people you need.

If you are starting a quilting club, go after people you enjoy.

If you are building a ministry, go after crazies. Isn’t that what Jesus did?

Peter was an overbearing fisherman.

Simon was a political radical.

James and John were so bonkers they wanted to roast an entire village for not having a vacancy at the local hotel.

Thomas was a skeptic.

Judas was a liar/thief/traitor. He was the only one who got the boot.

The rest of these misfits ended up making an eternal impact for God’s kingdom.

Who knew? Jesus.

Whatever can be said about the disciples, no one ever called them “team players.”

Who are you passing up?

Who has God sent you that would add a new pizzazz to your kidmin? Give him a chance.

Tolerate his annoying capacity for asking uncomfortable questions. Consider a couple of his crazy ideas.

Who knows? You might stumble onto something that all of us will be copying one day.