Rule #1: Get Kids Involved

Kids are wired to DO things.

God did not make them to sit up straight in a metal chair with their feet flat on the floor.

He created them to participate. If you want to reach kids you have to turn them from spectators into participants.


This age old phrase says it best.

Tell me and I will forget
Show me and I will remember
Involve me and I will understand

Much of what we do in children’s ministry is designed to meet our need for order.

We want kids to sit quietly and respectfully.

After all, no one wants an unruly group of kids on their hands. I agree.

But when our need for order trumps the kid’s need to learn/grow/develop then we start depending on learning styles that turn kids into quiet watchers rather than active learners.

Videos are a notorious example.

A Disney-style video might keep the kids zoned out and quiet as they stare at the screen, but it won’t drill down into their core.

Quiet does not equal learning.

It’s not the art of the performance;
it’s the art of the participation
–Leonard Sweet–

It’s not about how well you can run a fine tuned program for kids to watch.

It’s about how effectively you can get kids involved.

Kids learn by doing. These are the 2 BEST WAYS:

1. Service

It sounds old school but serving in church changes people.

There is something about giving of your time and energy that opens your heart to the work of God.

Find ways for kids to serve. Make up jobs if necessary.

Train kids to…

  • run the sound equipment
  • take up the offering
  • pray for prayer requests
  • greet other kids
  • straighten chairs
  • pass out stuff
  • whatever else you can think up or make up

2. Games

Games are a RICH learning experience. They engage kids on a variety of levels.

Games can be used to…

  1. Illustrate truths from the Bible
  2. Teach kids how to win graciously
  3. Teach kids how to lose graciously
  4. Familiarize kids with teamwork
  5. Help kids overcome shyness
  6. Provide a safe environment to laugh
  7. Connect kids with their adult teachers
  8. Help kids to forget things that bother them and be kids for a little while

Do you want to impact kids for Jesus?

Turn them from spectators into participants.

Get them involved.

And love them.