Are you looking for a SUPER EXCITING Christian entertainment event for your church?

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We have 3 super cool, Christian, entertainment shows that we bring to your church:

Blitz events engage all ages! With lights, fog, a unique sound track and loads of action, families will experience Biblical truths communicated through high octane games and challenges.

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Blitz Live events

“Not only were the kids engaged and excited through the WHOLE event but the parents and even the grandparents were jumping up and down just waiting for the next thing to happen. Our staff had tons of fun on stage and the planning booklet made it so easy to pull off, thanks for an AMAZING event! Y’all really know what you are doing.” (Angela – Jacksonville, NC)

Christian entertainment

“Our event was EPIC!! Best thing we have ever done!” (Shelley – Midlothian, VA)

  • Crowd participation

  • High octane!

  • Effective outreach

  • Shared family experience

Christian entertainment

“This was a absolutely great event! We have many families tell us or post on Facebook how much they enjoyed it!” (Heather – Omaha, NE)

Christian entertainment

Turning spectators into to participants

(Q) What is a Blitz event?

(A) It is a 1 hour and 15 minute crowd participation show that we bring to your venue. People participate on stage and from their seats in a variety of games and challenges. A Biblical message is woven throughout games and crowd challenges with no dedicated preaching time. That means never a moment where the crowd is asked to simply sit and listen. And because it is high energy event that the whole family can enjoy, it’s great as an outreach opportunity to families in your community. With a unique blend of music, visual effects, original games and crowd energy, this is the easiest event you will ever host.

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(Q) What is the message?

(A) The primary message of our events is the grace and love of God. We emphasize the good news of the Gospel: it’s not about what we do for God but about what God did for us through Jesus.

Christian entertainment

(Q) Where will my event happen?

(A) We bring this program to your church or any venue with an appropriate stage size.

Christian entertainment

(Q) Is my church the right size?

(A) Churches and venues of all sizes have successfully hosted Blitz events. Stage sizes range from 15’x30′ all the way up to mega-church size. The stage set is adaptable to most church platforms. Crowds range from 100 to 5,000.

Christian entertainment

(Q) Who will run conduct the show?

(A) Our event directors are ordained ministers. We are not big shots or divas. We come in to serve you, not be served. We will run your Christian entertainment event while being attentive/sensitive to the specific objectives of the your church.

Christian entertainment

(Q) Is there an opportunity to make a decision to trust Jesus?

(A) Blitz events are MORE than just Christian entertainment. We believe it is important to offer an opportunity for kids and families to put their faith in what Jesus has done for them. The invitation is brief and age appropriate. No pressure. Unchurched guests will NOT be put off. We call it a “gospel clarification.” We are extremely sensitive to the beliefs and procedures of the local church. If there are any special instructions pertaining to the invitation, please tell us. We will submit to your authority.

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(Q) How many volunteers from my church will it take?

(A) 6 stage volunteers, a sound technician and a media technician is all it takes.  We bring t-shirts and CDs so it’s a nice bonus if you can provide 2 volunteers to run the table. Your stage crew will have active roles in the Christian entertainment show and a LOT of fun.

Christian entertainment

(Q) How much does this cost?

(A) We have a wish, a dream even, to see our Christian entertainment events in more churches regardless of size or budget. To make this possible, we have thrown away our set fee. We no longer have a set price tag.  Call Ken at 800-467-1711 and lets work something out to share the message of God’s grace and power with your church families. Check out our Event Cost page for more information on pricing ideas.

Christian entertainment
  • Xtreme Hula
  • Chicken & Bone Challenge
  • Flying Donut Chew
  • Floating Marshmallow Attack
  • Family TP Wrap
  • Tower Drop
  • Big hammer
  • Close shave
  • …and more!
Christian entertainment


(Q) We specialize in turning spectators into participants.

(A) Our live, Christian entertainment events use games, challenges, props, music and super-bowl-like energy to engage mom, dad and kids. Parents will want to bring their cameras. Kids will enjoy seeing their parents on stage in the action.

Christian entertainment

NO SET FEE! Call Ken at 877.467.1711–

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